Quadratic Functions

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Quadratic Functions - Specific Curriculum Outcomes


  • C4 demonstrate an understanding of patterns that are arithmetic, power, and geometric and relate them to corresponding functions
  • C29 analyse tables and graphs to distinguish between linear, quadratic, and exponential functions
  • C3 sketch tables and graphs from descriptions and collected data
  • C1 model real-world phenomena using quadratic functions
  • C8 describe and translate between graphical, tabular, written, and symbolic representations of quadratic relationships
  • C31 analyse and describe the characteristics of quadratic functions
  • A7 describe and interpret domains and ranges using set notation
  • F1 analyse, determine, and apply scatter plots and determine the equations for curves of best fit, using appropriate technology
  • C23 solve problems involving quadratic equations
  • C32 demonstrate an understanding of how the parameter changes affect the graphs of quadratic functions
  • C10 (adv) determine the equation of a quadratic function using finite differences
  • C9 translate between different forms of quadratic equations
  • B1 demonstrate an understanding of the relationships that exist between arithmetic operations and the operations used when solving equations
  • C22 solve quadratic equations
  • B10 derive and apply the quadratic formula
  • B11 (adv)analyse the quadratic formula to connect its components to the graphs of quadratic functions
  • A4 demonstrate an understanding of the nature of the roots of quadratic equations
  • C15 relate the nature of the roots of quadratic equations and the x-intercepts of the graphs of the corresponding functions
  • A9 represent non-real roots of quadratic equations a complex numbers
  • A3 demonstrate an understanding of the role of irrational numbers in applications

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