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 Probability - Specific Curriculum Outcomes



  • G2 demonstrate an understanding that determining probability requires the quantifying of outcomes
  • G3 demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental counting principle and apply it to calculate probabilities of dependent and independent events
  • G4 apply area and tree diagrams to interpret and determine probabilities
  • G5 (adv) determine conditional probabilities
  • G1 develop and apply simulations to solve problems
  • G7 distinguish between situations that involve combinations and permutations
  • A6 develop an understanding of factorial notation and apply it to calculating permutations and combinations
  • G8 develop and apply formulas to evaluate permutations and combinations
  • B8 determine probabilities using permutations and combinations
  • G10 connect Pascal's Triangle with combinatorial coefficients
  • G9 (adv) demonstrate an understanding of binomial expansion and its connection to combinations

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