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Hall of Fame

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 The Outcomes Hall of Fame



Check out Mr. Lee's picks for the Outcomes Hall of Fame.  These are examples of well written and presented outcomes. 


  • C10 - Hanna and Erika:  An outstanding job.  Their descriptions are well written with lots of supporting equations.
  • C1 - Kristen:  An extremely well written and easy to understand outcome.  She has a great example problem and some nice links to additional resources on the topic.  Notice how Kristen referenced the source of her graphic.
  • A3B13, A6 - Emily and Isaac:  The saga of a Giant Rabid Mongoose.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to adopt him (or is it a her?) for your very own pet. 
  • C24 - Dan and Alex:D and Alex did a great job using LaTeX to format their equations.


Nice work folks.  Keep up the great work!



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