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Mr. Lee's Math 12 Advanced Class

Outcomes Portfolio Wiki - The grade 12 math curriculum contains a list of specific outcomes.  These specific curriculum outcomes identify what each student should know and what skills they should be able to perform at the conclusion of the course.  The provincial exam is a cumulative assessment of these curriculum outcomes.  The objective of this project is to create an electronic portfolio that clearly and concisely explains these outcomes and connects each outcome with a sample problem.  By using a wiki located on the world wide web, students can collaborate to develop these explanations and then share them with each other. 


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Section 1: Quadratic Functions


Section 2: Exponential Functions


Section 3: Circle Geometry


Section 4: Probability


 Important Dates:

  • February 23, 2007: Pick your partner and a Quadratics Outcome.  Create a page for your outcome and a link.
  • March 9, 2007: Finish your Quadratics unit outcome page.
  • April 27, 2007: Finish your Exponents unit outcome page.
  • June 8, 2007: Finish your Circle Geometry or Probability unit outcome page.
  • June 20, 2007: Nova Scotia Provincial Exam


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