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E3 (adv)

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E3 (adv) - write the equations of circles and ellipses in transformational form and as mapping rules to visualize and sketch graphs.







Circle: a single, closed curved line


Ellipse: a single, closed curved line that has one axis longer than the other (x-axis or y-axis) *Example below has a longer y-axis*



Writing an equation for a circle: To write an equation for a circle, it first needs to be put on a graph. Let's make it easy and have the centre of the circle at the origin of the graph (0,0).


The equation of a circle looks like this: [1/r (x-h)]^2 + [1/r (y-k)]^2  This is called Transformational Form. The r stands for Radius, h is the horizontal translation and k is the vertical translation.




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