Circle Geometry

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 Circle Geometry - Specific Curriculum Outcomes


  • E4 apply properties of circles
  • E5 apply inductive reasoning to make conjectures in geometric situations
  • E11 write proofs using various axiomatic systems and assess the validity of deductive arguments
  • E7 investigate, make, and prove conjecturers associated with chord properties of circles
  • E8 (adv) investigate, make, and prove conjectures associated with angle relationships in circles
  • E12 demonstrate an understanding of the concept of converse
  • D1 develop and apply formulas for distance and midpoint
  • E15 (adv) solve problems involving the equations and characteristics of circles and ellipses
  • E13 (adv) analyse and translate between symbolic, graphical, and written representations of circles and ellipses
  • E3 (adv) write the equations of circles and ellipses in transformational form and as mapping rules to visualize and sketch graphs
  • E16 (adv) demonstrate the transformational relationship between the circle and the ellipse
  • E14 (adv) translate between different forms of equations of circles and ellipses

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