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C8 - Describe and translate between graphical, tabular, written, and symbolic representations of quadratic relationships





What do these terms mean in plain English?


Graphical: showing the quadratic equation in a graph.


 Tabular: showing the quadratic equation in a table.


Written: showing the quadratic equation in words.


Symbolic Representation: showing the quadratic equation as an equation.





Quadratic Relationships in a graph: In a graph, a quadratic relationship forms a parabola. From this, the vertex, y-intercept and x-intercept(s) can be found. An equation can be found from these points.


Quadratic Relationships in a table: In a table, the pattern for a quadratic relationship can be found. A graph and equation can be made from the data. The data can be any series of numbers that form a quadratic sequence.


Quadratic Relationships in written form: In written form, the relationship is written in words instead of numbers.


Quadratic Relationships in an equation: In an equation, the relationship is shown in numbers. From this, a graph can be made.



Sample Question:


My dad is driving me to my grandmother's house. Within the first hour, he is driving at 50 km/hour. After 6 hours, he is driving at 150 km/hour because he is angry that he's been on the road for 6 hours and he really wants to stop driving. Look at the table below and fill in the blanks. Find the quadratic function for this in a graph and equation then explain in written form.








Table solution:




Graph solution:



Equation solution:


D2=5  2a=5  a=2.5


D1=3a+b  10=3(2.5)+b  b=-2.5


tn=a+b+c  50=2.5-2.5+c  c=50




Written solution:


The equation for this question is 2.5x to the power of 2 subtract 2.5x plus 50. 50 is the y-intercept and the vertex is (0.5, 49.5) and the stretch is 2.5.


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